How can I see my billing plan?

To view your billing plan:

  1. Select the Settings tab on the Accounts page
  2. Then select the name of your pricing plan link in the “Pricing Plans” section

How do I change billing plans?

To change your billing plan:

  1. Select the Settings tab on Accounts page
  2. Then select the Change: Pricing Plan link in the “Pricing Plans” section

How is this pricing possible?

The power of our platform comes from our patented window trading system. To keep our costs low, we bundle the trades of our investors and send them to market twice daily. This reduces our execution costs and we pass the savings onto you.

Are there other account or service fees?

Service fees apply to account activities that are not a regular function of managing your money with us. Learn more about our special services and fees.

What are Trading Service Fees?

Trading Service Fee is a fee to offset regulatory, transaction, and processing costs imposed on broker-dealers relating to sell transactions in certain securities. The fee includes the FINRA Trading Activity Fee (TAF) and other fees that may be charged from time to time by FINRA and other self-regulatory organizations (SROs) to recover the fee they pay to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pursuant to Section 31 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, referred to as the Regulatory Transaction Fee (RTF). These fees are charged by the SROs to recover their costs (as well as those of the government, including the SEC) relating to supervising and regulating the securities markets and securities professionals.

Trading Service Fees are calculated as: TAF + RTF (rounded to the nearest penny).

TAF = $0.000119 * shares sold in each trade or $5.95, whichever amount is less.

RTF = the principal amount * 0.000013


If you sold 200 shares of a security for $5,000.00, the Trading Service Fees would be equal to $0.14.

$0.14 = [(0.000119*200) + (0.00002310*$5,000.00)]

How does your Folio Unlimited Plan pricing work if I want to add additional accounts for a spouse or a child?

You can generally have unlimited accounts for no extra charge, as long as the accounts are registered with the same primary social security number (SSN). Learn more about pricing.

For example, a husband and wife could have a primary account for the husband and a joint account for the husband and wife (registered with husband as the primary owner), and they would only pay $290 a year. However, if the wife wanted to have her own individual account (listed under her social security number), it would be charged under its own pricing plan.

Will I be charged a fee for transferring my account from another brokerage?

We will not charge you a fee for transferring an account to us, however, the brokerage holding your assets may charge fees to transfer and close your account.

How are accounts billed?

With the Folio Unlimited Plan, you have the option to have the fees deducted from your account or billed to your credit card. If you choose to have the fees deducted from your account and the first account you open is a taxable account, then the fees will be subtracted from that first account. However, if the first account you open is non-taxable—such as an IRA—then the fees will be subtracted across all your accounts.

Note: The option to bill your credit card is not available under the Basic Plan. With the Basic Plan all fees are deducted from a single account, chosen by us.