Folio Testimonials

I’ve been with Folio for about 14 years now and it’s the best investment decision I’ve ever made. My son-in-law is now also with Folio and we both have recommended Folio to our friends and neighbors.

Jim and Esther M.

I have been with Folio about three years and have grown to appreciate the service and economy you provide. I’m 82 years of age, a disabled Korean War veteran with eyesight and hearing impairments. I mention this to underscore the courtesy and patience your personnel extend to me when I seek assistance. I encourage my family, friends and especially my grandchildren to be ‘market wise’ and use Folio Investing for their brokerage.

Ed D.

I love the way it is. Ease of use and access to different types of accounts. Thanks.

Philip Law

I am the Treasurer of two clubs and your company makes my life easy. I am very active at the Chapter level in Georgia for BetterInvesting and I visit clubs frequently. If clubs are using another broker and the opportunity opens I preach the benefits of FOLIOfn so I am carrying your banner. And like you said there is nothing better than a satisfied customer. Thanks again for partnering with BI.

Larry Reno

I am new to your company and have found the customer service to be superb and nothing but positives. I will be recommending to all I know. You have a great company.

Dr. Chip Evans Ph.D.

Just a short note to let you know that I love Folio Investing and recommend it to everyone. It is a fantastic service you provide and in many ways have changed the way I invest (for the better). A few weeks ago I needed help with my account and I received great, courteous service. Keep up the good work.

Jerry D.

I have been a strong and vocal supporter of the folio model, and FOLIOfn’s implementation of it and praised it in my book.

Ellis Traub

I am an old fashion investor. I invest in blue chip dividend paying stocks that have a stable price and am not greatly concerned with capital appreciation. The quarterly fee per account is usually covered with the dividend payment. I do, at every opportunity, I mention my good Folio experience.

Karl H.

Thanks for the great service you provide. I have been with FOLIOfn since 2002.

Bill W.

I have been with your company nearly since its beginning and have recommended it to several people I know. Is a very unique method of investing and, if it pertains, one doesn’t need to know much about the company being invested or any technical or fundamental analysis. It has worked for me for several years.

Richard K.

I have subscribed to your brokerage for several years, AND AM VERY PLEASED WITH FOLIOfn SERVICE.

Gino G.

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